miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014


En un especial de VOGUE USA los diseñadores de Koral nos cuentan en que se inspiraron para crear su modelo "Relaxed skinny". En poquitos días podréis verlo en directo en BAGATELLE.
Who or what inspired this style?
When the skinny trend emerged a few years back, we felt we could improve upon and evolve the fit. We wanted to create a silhouette that could easily transition to a timeless, signature style that every woman could wear, without having it depart too much from the coveted skinny style. 

How did you decide on the name?
It features a slouchy waist and a tapered leg that can be rolled up or left long for two distinct looks, but we did not want it to be confused with the more standard boyfriend jean. This offers up the perfect balance between casual and sexy sophistication.

Koral relaxed skinny jeans in 48 Month Destroy.

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